Hotfakeid is a popular website offering you to get your hands on different state IDs. The provider gives significant discounts on bulk orders and is the first vendor to be offering the new Polycarbonate ids with lenses.

About Hotfakeid

The id maker has been in business for some time now and has a made a name for itself. Most buyers trust and recommend it. The pricing is variable, depending on the state id you order; it goes from $50 to $100. For instance, a single id for Alabama, New Mexico and Maine will cost $80, whereas the cost of a single ID for New York, Texas and North Carolina is $100.

Once launched, it did not take too long to gain popularity among students. Now, it is trusted by many and most of the ratings it has received are positive. They are the notorious hub for producing scannable replicas of every US id.

The pricing also varies according to the number of IDs you order. offers group discounts, so you will have a lower price if you order 4 IDs, a little higher if there are 2 involved, and almost double the price of 4 IDs if you want only one made.

Hotfakeid has managed to build quite a following the past few years and many young adults trust it with their money to get a quality product. They make it easier for people who are looking to order in bulk but a little steep for those who want a single product.


How to buy from Hotfakeid?

The overall service plans of this id faker are convincing enough, especially for a beginner with a little or no knowledge about buying fake IDs. You will even find different news on the website regarding orders, updates and the holiday seasons.

  1. To buy your fake ID from Hotfakeid; it is necessary to prepare before submitting the form.
  2. Customizing your license with extra options such as (dob, expiry, issue date, license number) is allowed but they also allow you to choose from horizontal (Under 21) or vertical (over 21) fake id designs.
  3. Submitting your fake id information on the website is also very easy. You only have to fill in a form, upload the picture and make the payment; you will get your ID in a few days

The knowledgebase section of the website serves as a complete guide to anyone who is looking to order. The templates that it uses are relevant to the year, so you will not receive an outdated ID.

The prices of the individual & group fake ids can change at any time. Hotfakeid has tried to make the overall experience of getting a fake ID as simple and user-friendly as possible. Review: 5 Features to Note

Since many people tend to go for the overall look and feel of the website, you will not be disappointed as it looks and feels quite legit. It has proper sections which will provide all the information you need. It also has a list of FAQs which clearly address any issues you can face. It even has a section for resellers, which is quite beneficial for those who do not want to use their fake ID anymore.

  1. Payment – You can choose between Bitcoin, Google Play, Amazon, Razer Gold and Steam gift cards as payment options. As for your signature, you can either use the signature pad or upload it.
  2. Fully functional features and the ability to clone holographic images without altering the cardstock.
  3. Philly’s Experience – Bartenders in Philly describe Hotfakeid [HFD] fake IDs as the toughest to spot.
  4. The payment section encourages customers to fill their fake id information before paying for one. There are also instructions on you can use a Bitcoin payment system to complete your purchase. Overall, it takes 3-5 minutes to buy a fake ID from Hotfakeid.
  5. Most of their ids resemble the DMV designs issued in 2023. They assemble features such as edge-cutting technology and thermographic printing used in polycarbonate & teslin cards.

Does offer refunds or reprints?

Hotfakeid offers different types of refunds, so if you are not satisfied or make a mistake while ordering, you will be allowed to have a reprint or a refund. The tracking numbers and status of the order you place will be constantly updated on the account, and you will be able to keep track from there.

They may offer reprints in case the factory makes any mistake on their end. Customers will be asked to pay for shipping fee only in this case.

You will be given a ticket and since the queue is long, you will have to wait your turn. This means that the company can take a couple of days to contact you about your product.

Also, has a neat information collecting form. If you forget anything, they will fill up the information for you. However, once you confirm your fake id information, and the order is in progress, no changes can be made later.

Hotfakeid Shipping & Packaging

They use a re-shipping method. Fake IDs are first shipped to their secret locations in United States. These IDs are then shipped domestically using express shipping courier services to reach out to customers.

The id faker ships packages using different locations and agents. Their team believes this is the safest approach and to avoid getting their packages seized they must restrain from shipping IDs directly to customers. They do not stick to using one disguise method to hide your identity cards in a package. will ship your ids in a box of noodles, mirrors or jewelry as well as a chocolate box.

The daily sale of ids is about 2000 units per day. Per week, it turns around about 20,000 units. You will still get your package faster even if you are ordering for a group. The vendor is popular for making bulk id cards at a faster rate.

They may ship your package directly from their offshore location. does not stick to one shipping location either. They may ship your package to a third-party shipping agent within United States first. Then, the package is sent to you from there onwards.

The company mainly uses air transport (FedEx & DHL) as a way of shipping its goods and it is said that they ship faster than any other id maker online.

  1. Hotfakeid – Express Shipping: 3-5 days (Additional cost: 75 USD)
  2. Hotfakeid – Standard Shipping: 1 week (Free)

How fast is the support of Hotfakeid?

Since they process orders in bulk and many people ask for help, the customer support relatively takes 24 hours to respond. However, they try their best and answer every query that has been asked. uses a support ticket system and each one is assigned to a different staff member.

Their response is informative whether you need help in generating a custom license number or asking a question about the photo on your id. They handle clients with a ticket number in a professional manner.

Fake ID List Verdict: Is Hotfakeid Legit?

We review as the #1 fake id website in 2023. If you are looking for a quality provider of fake IDs, this website is a good option. The product is well above average when it comes to quality and you can find different states you can order from. Since most of the ID prices start at $80, it is quite affordable.

Most customers are satisfied with their purchases. Hotfakeid has been consistently rated high for its communication, pricing, shipping, font, template and scanning. The ratings vary when it comes to photoshopping, UV and holograms. Overall, it is good at what it does.

Every Hotfakeid ID comes with randomly generated scannable codes. These codes will inform the machine that the information printed on the ID card itself is valid. It will pop up on any computing machine or scanning device. is one of the pioneers when it comes to duplicating id cards. They have been ruling the counterfeit market online since the existence of fraudulent driver’s licenses thrived over the years.

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  1. Wrecked2

    I guess, I’ll be the first to review Hotfakeid on fake id list. Paid $80 for the Utah id. Polycarbonate feels really good, just like the real (granted I held one last September so I’m going off memory but like any bouncer going off memory, I can’t really tell a difference). Gives the metallic clink sound when dropped. Tactile feels really good, like the real. The barcodes on the back feel really good as well. Instate scannable in my opinion


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