Today IDGod operates with a collection of US, Canadian & UK identity cards. Since the relaunch, the quality of their fake id has never been the same. has been around for a fair bit but not enough to clearly establish a word of mouth among buyers of counterfeit ids.

Vendor NameIDGOD

About IDGod

IDGod has a moderate success for instate IDs. Reports & stats indicate the counterfeit ids of this website does not scan fairly well when tried out of states. The IDs are popular for working out in low-budget bars & gas stations.

They operated under a different name idchief. Then was shutdown following pressure from US Senators writing formally to Chinese authorities to seize their factory operations.

Relaunch: IDChief to IDGod

After a hiatus of 2 years, the relaunched services as offered by idchief. Now, their website offers more than over 50 fake driver’s license designs but the reliability of most is debatable.

Unless you’re trying to fool someone stuck in the last decade, there are better options than this. IDGod uses very standard run of the mill equipment now which offers little in the overall product.

You won’t find any scannable id features being highlighted on their IDs as well as missing basic requirements like lamination on the cards. You can definitely find success with some state IDs but that list is very small.

How to pay IDGod with Bitcoin & Western Union?

IDGOD operates out of the United States, you will have to send your payments through either Western Union or Money Gram. This can be a big deal breaker for a lot of people because sending their payments to China is hardly something worth inspiring trust. This means that if you end up having any issues with your payments, there won’t be much you can do about it.

If you want to be more anonymous with your payments, ID God also accepts payments through cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. This can take a few hours for verification but is a decent method to pay if you don’t want your personal details attached to the transaction.

What is IDGod Pricing?

They has always offered very competitive prices. The starting price for a fake id with a free duplicate ranges from $80 to $100. While other people are lowering reseller prices to match. But the quality, speed, etc. you get from ‘’ is a bit above than average.

After reviewing their services we come across their delay in shipping the IDs. This is one of the iffy spots for any ID seekers.

These vendors have trouble keeping consistency in their service, they deliver exemplary service in the start but after you have made the payment you would start seeing some hiccups.

IDGod recently raised their shipping prices which might mean faster shipments. But as far as we see there has been no changes in shipment to make it better.

Is IDGod Legit? offers fake ids for a fair price and with group discounts. Their webpage shows a variety of state ids that they can fake. But as cute as it is, it doesn’t offer much information beyond it. You’re left to your wits about what kind of features these IDs have.

Good luck trying to find any info on orders, payments, and procedures; it simply doesn’t exist. All you’re treated to is a bare bones (FAQ) that only spits out one or two lined answers at you. Anything more detailed is left up to you to figure out.

On ID God, You will find some basic templates for its state ID designs. Don’t be surprised if you don’t find features like (UV) printing on there. Their ink also loses a lot of quality points which makes the templates achieve a very low effort look. Most are outdated and they’re quite slow at rolling new ones out. So, if you need a fake ID from yesteryear, you know who to hit up.

ID God is virtually nonexistent on any social platforms. Although their site has a host of buttons for following them, they all lead to nothing. On the bright side, you do get a small fake id forum section where you can anonymously make some posts.

Multiple Scams: What is the Real IDGod Website?

There are ten websites claiming to be the real idgod. Every vendor is functional but there is no clarity on which one is real. There are reports that the real idgod website is ( because it has been linked to many fake id package seizures in the news.

The list of other websites claiming to be the real idgod are:


Our research indicates that one of the two (IDGOD.COM) & (IDGOD.PH) is the real deal.

IDGod Ph Quality Review

Here’s where the deal breaker lies for ID God. All of their fakes are standard quality with a few missing features. This makes the IDs only work on a handful of places where the scrutiny is low.

Of course, when features like lamination, UV printing, and proper ink printing leave the building then you’re going to be left wondering why you forked over your $80 to begin with.

This is why most reviews online have mixed feeling for ID God’s offerings. The general consensus here is that their ids work in some states but overall, they’re not brightest of the bunch.

How long does IDGod take to ship?

All ID God has up on its site is a contact email. But you’d have better luck shouting into the void than reaching someone over at good ‘ol IDGod.

All you’ll find on the site if you’re looking for some answers is a half-baked FAQ with about as much information as you can fit on the back of a shampoo bottle. The only thing close to a guide on the site is a “how to pay” section that raises more questions than it answers.

The advertised shipping time on their website is shorter but actual reports indicate that this time extends to almost a month. They are known for using standard mailing service which is insecure. IDGod has delayed packages for some and for others made it worse. Customers often report seizure of their fake ID packages by US Customs in recent times.

IDGod Reprint Policy

ID God doesn’t have a fixed stance on reprints. Most of their customers demand refunds or reprints when they receive id cards with misspellings, abnormal fonts and signatures. IDGod lacks clarity on this.

The new lenticular ids require transparent background for the photo of the cardholder. Unlike any other legit id websites, their staff will not edit your photo if it requires altering to be adjusted. So, if your id comes with a blue background where it shall have a transparent one, then, idgod does not take the blame for it.

IDGod Customer Support Review or customer service is not one of the best. Their non-serious approach has resulted in customers losing. They rarely provide update about their packages. The major complaint s regarding their shipping includes lack of tracking numbers or order status.

They don’t really give you a way to track your fake id package which pretty much leaves you restless and uncertain till your IDs arrive. has had past complaints about delayed orders as well as missing orders.

Customers on Reddit and other review platforms often demand refunds for missing packages. They can accidentally mark your ID shipped without them actually being shipped.

Though they fix the issue later on, it delays your order none the less and makes you some-what uncertain about their service.

Fake ID List Verdict: Is IDgod Legit?

There is one thing that is important for anyone who is investing in a fake ID, is the guarantee for their investment. does not give us a clear guarantee to ensure your investment but it has a status of being a decent seller in this market, which is more than enough for people to choose this vendor.

While some fake ID providers do have Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts by different IDgod aliases. We believe in none of them. Their previous IDgod Reddit fake id channel has an active fanbase over all social media networks. They even used to have shoutout messages from their customers.

Their quality weavers from time to time are somewhat inconsistent depending on the batch. It is almost as if they forget to refill the ink or they run out of good cards from time to time some cards are really thin where as some signatures are real bold. But about 80% of the product they deliver works just fine.

Using this vendor is a bit risky but it mostly all depends on much risk you are willing to take.


  1. Vivian

    IDgod has a discord channel #verified-vendors-list – Do they ever reply to complaints? because my id does not scan and the holograms are peeled off! I tried emailing them on [email protected] but no response so far!

  2. Terry

    IDgod is legit for all i know. try to open a ticket and if they still do not reply. Report it to the admin here and they will add it to the scam list. The scam list is yet to be unveiled.


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