If you are looking to buy student fake ids or novelty ids, you must be aware of the vendor IDViking. Although, this forgeries maker cannot give tough competition to some of the top fake id websites in 2023. They still make it to our top tier of id makers due to the variety of the fake ids that their inventory has to offer.

Vendor NameID Viking

IDViking Review: Is ID Viking Legit?

Their website has a decent design and optimistic advertising like free duplicates with each purchase of fake id. However, their fake id templates are outdated, and IDViking lacks any of the newly released polycarbonate ids. They purchase their models from the open market which are shared by many providers, and that makes it very prone to getting caught. Customers complain that the color of the texture in their IDs are often washed out.

IDViking.com might have some packages for bundle fake id that might seem charming they still can’t overpower the competitive market that offers low pricing for the same service and might even get the job done in less amount of time.

If you search any unbiased review site, you’ll find that there are numerous complaints regarding their services. Most of the ID Viking packages are sealed by the customs. Their customers often complain that the student fake ids lack holographic emblems or any legitimate feature that resembles a real license.

How to buy ids from IDViking.com?

ID Viking has a cart of fifty or more fake id products. There is no guideline on how to buy fake ids for a group or multiple ones. There fake id shop are dividied into categories. Then a selection of ID for the particular country allows the customer to add it to cart. Here’s a list of categories to choose your fake id from:

  2. USA

Once you fill their form, which lacks license customization. For instance, you cannot choose your driver’s license number, expiry or issue date. All you do is provide them a photo which needs to have the background that they do not make up any instructions for. ID Viking does not have clear instructions on whether they will alter your digital photo using Photoshop or not.

Payments are taken once the order number generates after filling the form. Customers are given invoice numbers with an estimated shipping time for their fake id packages. To simply put it, idviking.com does not provide fake licenses with custom credentials.

The id maker asserts that all the customer data is encrypted and private information such as photo, name and customer signature are erased upon delivery of the fake id. Some fields are optional and some are neccessary.

Will ID Viking Provide Refund or Reprints?

IDViking has a 50/50 success in terms of scanning and durability of fake ids. The demand for reprints has grown significantly due to their poor printing practices & outdated equipment. Some customers complain that their packages are seized and do not make it to their doorstep. Others blame ID Viking for poor disguising and low-quality substrate.

IDViking has a strict no-reprint policy. Even if they make mistakes on the technicians or printing end, they will never send you another ID. The customer will be asked to place a new order and pay for it.

How much does it cost to buy ids from IDViking?

Their average price tag for a state ID is round about 79 dollars. The Universities identification cards that they make has a price of 39 dollars. If you compare their pricing to their quality, it certainly does not match.

The pricing of the student identity cards may be good enough, but these ids are printed mostly for pranks & fun purposes. These do not come with sophisticated features such as ultraviolet hidden safeguards. But the state id is expensive provided that their fakes come printed on outdated templates and will never make it inside.

How long does it take for IDViking to deliver?

IDViking delivers student ids in 2-3 weeks time. There is a general complain that their packages do not arrive on time. ID Viking clearly states that they do not deliver packages to P.O Box addresses. They use enveloped documentation to wrap your fake ids inside them.

In recent times, some customers reported that their id packages were seized by the authorities and the vendor needs to change their disguising methods. Overall, ID Viking ships packages using standard mail service. This is slow and may take 1 month to receive your package.

IDViking Payment Policy & Reddit Reviews

IDViking is one of the most active veterans of the Reddit /r/fakeid‘ sub forum. They are also ranked on other profiles such as fake id vendors.

The web interface is very lite and user-friendly, but the ordering cart needs to be simple. It lacks instructions such as how to place group fake id orders or to submit forms for multiple persons. ID Viking lacks any concrete details of their novelty ID terms of service.

They provide three options to pay.

1) Bitcoin

2) Western Union

3) Zelle

We believe that both of these methods are anonymous and convenient, but they need to add more options because not many customers are familiar with using cryptocurrency as a payment processor and money transfer services like WU compromises the personal information of a customer.

How to contact IDViking.com?

They are known to have fast communication, but in the mid, they’ve had several issues with customers not receiving their IDs. Most of the orders got delayed for no reason, and customers complained through fake id forums such as fake id vendors, but then they responded and refunded the customers.

It takes them 4-5 days on average to respond to any pre-sale or support tickets. IDViking does not seem to have dedicated support and their sales have dropped by almost half during 2023.

Fake ID List Verdict: Is IDViking Legit?

We have reports of their state ids scanning at out of state bars, but they do not pass instate. There are random reviews that indicate a common barcode problem.

The scannable parts of the new fake ids are usually are tampered and cannot read by any scanner. The invisible ink that they use is of good quality but since they mostly use PVC to print their fakes; it fades after exposure to air.

IDViking’s popularity skyrocketed due to selling student IDs. These fake IDs are relevant for University & College students in countries such as Australia, USA & Canada. [Reports of the students ids lacking holograms can be found on their Trustpilot review platform.]

IDViking’s main business comes from student ids. These are mainly printed for students and fraternities for different festivals. The ids are pranked with funny memes and photos. They cannot absorb printing ink, and the lamination does not incorporate the overlay. These are also not intended for identification.

So overall, ID Viking is an average id faker. If you need an ID for fun and novelty purposes, you can go to them and get one for a low-cost price. In case you do not want to take any risks using your phony ID, then view the premium fake id websites certified by FakeIDlist.is.

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