Novelty ids are more like fake badges made to fool your mates rather than a bouncer. These ids are more like creative badges that don’t hold a candle to fake IDs. Oldironsidesfakes are selling nothing short of a joke by telling people how their fake novelty ids are scannable.

This is a big no-no for someone who is investing in a ‘real’ fake id. But what really is worse than this is how you would only find good reviews about them on their website. Now, it doesn’t take you to be an Einstein of this generation to know that a website without any bad reviews offering you novelty IDs is anything but a poor sense of humor.

Is Oldironsidesfakes Legit?

Their quality is MEH at best. These guys advertised their fakes as capable of bypassing club ID scanners, but they are yet to be classified as scannable. People who have tried to enter a club with one of their ids have been caught on the first try.

Oldironsidesfakes may not be the best choice when it comes to buying a counterfeit ID, but it is a choice if you’re stuck with it. Although, you can find many other better options that will provide you with a quality fake ID with quick service.

For an id that lacks holograms & security features $45 is a bit too much. Although their prices are reasonable, but the real motive of their service is nowhere to be found.

The provider also lacks content on their main page regarding replicas of state IDs or driver’s license, their location, estimate on tracking or arrival, which makes it less appealing from a customer’s perspective.

How to buy ids from Oldironsidesfakes?

This website is nothing more than a well-crafted joke. You can order a fake id card via their website by uploading a photo and providing the details that you want to be displayed on your fake ID. The delivery service of promises to send the fake ID right to your home.

The id maker has a complex ordering form. You will need to register an account and then logging in prior to submitting fake id information.

There are no detailed features about any of the state IDs. So unless you know what you are getting they won’t reveal much data about the security functions of the licenses. Once you login, a form will be visible.

The form asks for all the vital data to make your id. Filling the info and submitting reveals an order number which can be used in future references.

They have been unfaithful to their customers, providing forged ids with high uncertainty. You receive your fakes with inconsistent security features and within a longer time.

How long does Oldironsidesfakes take to deliver?

We all love it, when it comes to our fake ids being shipped to our doorstep. But let’s face it, it’s too good to be true with what they have to offer. It’s not just us, but even the users have complained, has been weeks before they even get anything. You think asking them an update via email would be a wise decision? Guess again, It’s NOT.

Promises are meant to be broken, no? Well then get ready to be surprised. The website promises that the fake ID will reach the customer in one to two weeks, depending on the state.

According to user reviews, it can take up to two months. Plus, you will have to wait 14 days until you can contact them about shipping issues.

Oldironsidesfakes Customer Supprt & Reprint Policy

Reprint policy? Nada!. You better double- or triple-check and then check once over again before you order. No reprint policy at Oldironsidesfakes. You are stuck with what you get.

Old ironsides fakes claims to be there, if you need some help and avail their customer service. They are nothing but terrible fake promises because they pretty much go AWOL after receiving the payment.

At Least they make an effort! You get an email address where you can contact customer service if something goes wrong which from what we hear happens a lot. Usually they take 24-72 hours to respond. They ”try “ to answer most, if not all, questions, even if it takes a long time. The old iron sides fakes also has a messaging account on Telegram, Wickr and other platforms to be contacted directly.

The (Live Support Chat) is usually controlled by an automated bot service. You won’t find a human support ticket system on their end.

Fake ID List Verdict: Old Ironsides Fakes Review Features

It’s like a mixed bag m&ms when it comes to the quality of the fake IDs from If you pray hard enough you might pick the color you like. To admire the hard-work of their staff would be an understatement.

The templates are not to the mark. Our research concludes that Old ironside fakes uses software-based templates for their fake driver licenses. They have not harvested the features off a real physical license. They might not even have seen one in person.

One thing that this ids provider does not have is consistency, so you might get a fake ID with everything you desire or you might get one that may break at one bend. Who knows?

The vendor has a long way to go before it can compete with the big fake ID sharks again. All we can say to you is that “choose wisely”.

It is already clear from the beginning that this vendor is nothing more than a hard-working scam artist. We recommend that you choose a another vendor. is known for making funny excuses.

They might end up telling you that they have cancelled your order, because you look too old. They don’t even send your money back. Comparing them to other legit fake ID sites, it does not give you the any value for money.

After all, you don’t want to get stuck with a dud that does not work. The only way to contact the people at this company is through the email they provide and if you’re lucky you might see their representatives active on their forums.


  1. Danny

    Got the new Colorado from OIS today. The Exec. Director whatever signature on the left of the pic is definitely too thin and not prominent enough on the novelty. Also the signature at the bottom looks like the correct thickness, but needs to be a little larger (placement looks good though). The id might scan at some random place but overall this is a complete failure.

  2. YoBlue

    Ordered the new Wyoming, shipping was great tho. ID is pretty thin and photos pretty screwed, not centered and added a red stripe? it’s something alright. Material feels decent. Finish feels a bit off to the touch compared to my U21 license. Bend test is very similar tho.


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