The pioneers of making Polycarbonate cards & using optically variable inks in digitized fake IDs; is the #1 provider of forgeries in the market today. It has an interface with automated calculation for number of IDs. The ordering process is so easy that it will merely take you 5-10 minutes to complete your fake ID forms.

Ranking#4 is a user-friendly and trustworthy fake id service. The company makes different IDs and covers all the updated templates of state ids from USA. The quality of the ID is exceptional, and it is fast in shipping as well. It is known for its work and has some of the best reviews online.

How much does it cost to buy IDs from Topfakeid?

The pricing is also quite reasonable. You will need to pay about $100 for a single ID. You can get a 10% group discount as well and if you increase the number of IDs, the discount may even go up to 20%. The pricing is worth the customer support, service and fake ID you get. Plus, the company ensures that all your queries are answered as quickly as possible.

After reviewing through the fake ID services from Topfakeid we come across their distribution of fake drivers license. Though they promise to give you all that is needed to hit the road – minus the car.

Where is Topfakeid located?

In case you are wondering, the vendor is located in China and offers different payment options. They ensure that the packages are properly disguised before they send them out so that they are undetected by the local authorities.

The counterfeit id website has not been in the market for too long, but in this short amount of time, it has managed to gather quite a reputation. is known for its quality. Clients have little or no complaints regarding its fake IDs. The great part about it is that it makes sure you get exactly what you ordered.

Topfakeid had a significant presence on Reddit, there are several reviews and their buyers usually post recommendations & suggestions to improve services on these platforms.

Oldie but a goodie may apply to Top fake id. All those years of services are finally catching up to them. Comparing them to other fake id providers, Topfakeid gives you the best value for money and seems entirely safe.

The #IDTOP or #TOPFAKEID is not their official hashtag, it usually trends on Facebook & Twitter. The company urges customers to post reviews & censored photos of their IDs to spread the word of mouth.

Topfakeid Discount for Group Orders

The concept of bulk orders in the counterfeit industry is rare. In fact, most websites will delay your group or multiple ID orders for weeks. Topfakeid has a different system altogether. The company provides convenient information & detailed features of each state ID. All you have to do is select your state ID and number of fakes to buy. The calculator system in place will do the rest. Topfakeid has every updated template in their cart.

We have a separate system in place for every state ID. The equipment for Polycarbonate fake licenses have been upgraded. Since most fakes today are printed using Polycarbonate hence, the staff is now used to working with it.


The name of the company is a perfect description of its work. However, you need to be careful as you may find some people who are copying its name with a small (almost unnoticeable difference) in the name or domain name.

Is Topfakeid Available on Reddit?

Topfakeid does not have Reddit presence anymore. Reddit has no fake id discussion or channels anymore. The platform is not safe for such discussions and often tracked by authorities. Hence, they believe all the negative or positive reviews posted on Reddit are not real. The Reddit platform clearly states in their updated terms of service to not discuss/sell/promote anything related to counterfeit ids.

To ensure that you order form the right vendor, you need to double check the name and domain name so that you order from the right place and do not get scammed. has made sure that it has a user-friendly website which you can go through easily. You will need to place your order by filling out a small form and uploading your photo and signature.

They offer a couple different types of payment options to make your life convenient. One of the key components in their licenses are making sure every feature is crafted with careful hands and dedication. They advertise scanning & double-checking each product before shipping it.

There’s also a small section where all your queries will be answered (FAQs). They cover almost all the topics that a person can think of. The overall look and feel of the website is very professional.

Topfakeid Legit Review Terms & Addons used to offer Social Security Cards with a matching fake license. However, this service is discontinued until further notice. By reading the terms and conditions on the’s website we conclude the following results. With a huge fake ID following at Reddit, it is easy to determine their terms of service.

  • Duplicates – Each group or individual order will receive a free duplicate (cloned version of the same card).
  • Shipping Term – To order multiple fake ID(s) in order to avail a group discount; shipping address must be same on each card otherwise each order will be termed as individual one.
  • Topfakeid Pricing Terms – The pricing is subjected to change anytime as decided by the, we are not responsible for third-party changes related to terms, pricing.

Topfakeid Reprint Policy

The provider has been active for over 2 years. During this period we’ve had several reviews and looked everywhere but so far we haven’t found any reprint instance or complaint regarding them.

Even though their policy is reprint friendly but provided that their IDs come loaded with superlative features & complete encoding. The requirement of a reprint diminishes significantly with safe shipping & disguising their packages. has multiple shipping locations and allows them to pass through the customs with ease. Having said that, still advertises giving free reprint if your ID gets seized, confiscated or fails to scan.

How to pay for fake ID of Topfakeid?

Anonymous payment options are’s first priority. The maker is well-known to have introduced digital payment options into the fake ID realm. Wireless & online payment options like Google Play Gift Cards or Amazon Pay has been their primary payment options.

They have strongly emphasized that customer should not scratch their gift cards before payment.

  • Amazon Gift Cards.
  • Google Play Gift Cards – Including E-Gifts.
  • Bitcoin / Bitcoin Cash.

How long is Topfakeid Shipping?

This is where Topfakeid beats every other vendor. It utilizes express shipping option via DHL & USPS and charges customers additional 75 USD for that purposes. It enables them to provide you with a fake ID in a matter of 2-3 days. The free shipping option (5-7 days) is the fastest when compared to other makers.

There is no competitor that matches the shipping & process speed of top fake id. They have two categories for shipping and processing orders. The “Express Shipping Category” & “Free or Standard Shipping” in place.

Depending which one you choose, the express method will cost you additional seventy five bucks. Your package will arrive in 3-4 days using DHL Express or USPS Priority Service.

Standard shipped orders are not charged additionally but even that time-frame is unbeatable. ships their standard orders in 5-7 days. No competitor has matched this to this date.

How friendly is Topfakeid Support?

The customer support of this company is top notch. While there is no specific ticket system, it still goes out of the way to make sure that its clients are satisfied with its services.

It has a dedicated (FAQs) section where you can find out everything you possibly need to know about the id faker, how to place an order and payment options. It also ensures that you can email privately so that it can answer to individual queries.

The id maker has quite a few clients which keeps them busy at all times. Their daily id making capacity is about 1500 to 2000 IDs, which are sent via stealth shipping.

It provides one of the best quality fake IDs that you will find anywhere on the internet. The company ensures that the magnetic strip is properly encoded.

You can easily get an out-of-state ID as well. The IDs are easily scannable, which will give you the correct information that you can verify with the fake driver’s license. It has an excellent passing ratio; even the best bouncers will find it hard to detect that the ID is fake.

How are fake IDs from Topfakeid disguised?

You will get your product within 10 days of placing the order. is known to be one of the fastest fake ID companies. The orders are shipped out via airway or the sea.

The packages it sends are never seized; it ensures that by disguising them in different boxes and including different items in them.

For instance, you may get your fake ID in watch boxes, DVD boxes, gaming CD box, or even boxes that have jewelry or perfumes in them.

How to order fake IDs from

A 3-step order process allows to collect & process orders at a rapid speed.

  • Template selection (You can select your license type whether you need a driver’s license or identification card).
  • ID Numbers (Choosing between a Group or Single order decides the order form).
  • Calculator (They will guide you how much you have to pay in USD based on number of IDs and state).
  • Information (The order form collections vital license credentials – There are sub-forms for each person in a multi-state order).
  • Payment (The processor takes payment)

The terms and conditions of the company are clearly listed on the website. Make sure that you read them before you place your order so that you know what you are getting yourself into.

Will Fake IDs from Topfakeid Scan? is one of the only companies you will find that actually send reprints almost every time they have made a mistake with their prints.

The average scan rate of is very high. It is considered to be one of the best fake ID providers in the world. You can find a list of IDs on its webpage and choose the one that suits you best.

It is mentioned in its terms that they will not be responsible if the client makes a payment to the wrong address or uses the wrong payment option. In that case, you will need to pay again to the company using proper information if you want the order to proceed.

Fake ID List Verdict: Is Topfakeid Legit?

We feel that this company in particular stood out from most of its competition. It is honest and involved with its clients. Its shipping is very fast, and it never gets caught by the authorities. Plus, the company disguises each order well enough to ensure that no one can catch the fake ID. It offers excellent services and its IDs work great, no matter where you try them. They are hard to detect and you can pass them off with confidence.

  1. Topfakeid Maintaining Rank – Achieving a high position among the fake ID community is a daunting task but has established #1 Ranking for the time being. However, in the past there have been numerous vendors achieving the milestone but failing to maintain the same status. has been consistent for the past two years with no complaints, problems regarding their shipments or payment system which makes them a star of this niche.
  2. Topfakeid Premium IDs – The competitors of this company are known for making accurate replicas of one or two states. On the other hand, distributes equal efficiency & work throughout the numerous products. Their most sold product “California ID” will have the same quality as their lesser sold ID “Vermont” hence making no compromise when it comes to customer satisfaction.
  3. Answers Questions – Buying a fraudulent license online is hectic. There is no or less information regarding how to make a license number or generate ID class. The support staff at promptly responds to any queries and pre-sale questions. We haven’t found this professionalism in any other website or their competitors.

What People are Saying about Topfakeid?

Below are a couple of review quotes.

Even though the starting price is $100, they ensures that you get value for money. The ID is worth every penny you pay for it. It is high quality with a great rate for passing all tests. The materials used are some of the best in the market.

The advantage of using their fake information generation software and numbers on the IDs. You can easily use them at anyplace in the US without getting caught. There are hardly any negative reviews of this company, which is why it tops our list of the best fake ID sites.


  1. Mariner

    One of the best fake id makers right now. they offer decent replicas with thermal printing and adjustable holograms.

  2. Kelly

    if you are looking for a good quality ID that will prob pass everywhere, the NGA is the way to go, looks and feels like the real thing and exceeded my expectations! however if you just need a fake for liquor stores and little things, just about any of the other ones should work for a little bit of a cheaper price! Just another tip to add in there, don’t take your pic with a high end camera! The picture on my DE fake was taken with a high end camera and looks way too high quality to be taken in a DMV, however on the GA one, the pic taken with a phone worked great!


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